Peacework is a global nonprofit that engages communities, academic institutions, and corporations in innovative cross-sector solutions for sustainable development.

With the peacework team during project belize

With the peacework team during project belize

I worked with Peacework full-time for two years, facilitating programs with academic and corporate partners, collaborating on projects to support organizational development (communications strategy + impact assessments), and helping to launch a new initiative (Greenwork).

Project Type:

  • Cross-sector partnerships
  • Community development 
  • Logistics management (including international)
  • Facilitation
  • Higher education
  • International partnerships


Scope of Work

Greenwork: Peacework’s newest initiative advancing education and employment in the green economy. Worked on an internal team at developing the concept, building partnerships with coalitions in the green economy, and identifying project opportunities with companies, universities, and community partners.

Project Manager: Leading the collaborative design process for projects with companies, academic institutions, and grassroots organizations to maximize impact and education, with a focus on projects in Asia and the Pacific. Was the field manager for university programs in Kauai, India, and Project Belize.

Organizational Development: Collaborated on developing a process to streamline impact assessments for Field Managers and enable organization-wide reporting on impact goals and metrics. Worked with team to create systems to track and improve on diversity and inclusion in our programs.

Communications Strategist: Led organization-wide working group on communications strategy. Facilitated weekly calls, supported field managers in social media strategy for individual projects, and coordinated social media across facebook, twitter, and instagram.